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Deciding to begin therapy is a big step. I appreciate your trust and the opportunity to be of help to you. Some begin therapy when a difficult situation arises and other begin simply for self enhancement, seeking to live a more purposeful and meaningful life. 

Therapy requires you to be active and involved in the effort to change your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. There are no instant, painless, or passive cures. Change will sometimes feel easy and swift, but at other times, it could be slower and more difficult. Often problems take years to develop, and you cannot expect to change them overnight.

I take an active role in the counseling session to help you tell the very important story of you. You don't have to worry what to say or how to say it. Through working together, we can identify goals that help focus your therapy and gain you the peace of mind you deserve.

Therapy sessions generally last 50 minutes and meet at weekly intervals. Some people find brief therapy of 6-8 sessions helpful. Others desire a deeper look into their past story, troubling emotions, and habitual ways of relating to others. They find relief from problems, not in minor adjustments, but in transformative experiences that create a new way of seeing self, others and the world. Their life becomes richer and more satisfying as they relate differently to themselves and to others.

I will be glad to discuss with you any concerns you may have about counseling services.

Sheila Levine, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


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